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Centerset faucets are mounted on a single base and are made for basins with three holes and have handles that are 4 inches apart.

Widespread faucets work with three-hole basins. They have three separate pieces – two handles and a spout – and the spacing between the handles for Nasoni’s widespread faucet are designed to be 8 inches apart, suitable for most widespread applications.


Bathroom faucets featuring physical vapor deposition, or “PVD”, feature the latest technology for bonding a finish to a standard brass faucet. With PVD, the finish becomes an integral part of the faucet itself, resisting tarnish, scratches and corrosion, keeping the faucet looking good longer. PVD finishes are far the most durable finish available today.


The copper in brass is anti-microbial — it kills germs. Brass is prized for faucets because it is very resistant to corrosion, has a relatively low melting point — making it easy to cast — is soft enough to machine with little effort yet hardy enough to endure the rigors of life as a faucet, takes finishes such as chrome plating very well, and is easily recycled.

Ceramic Disc Faucets
Ceramic disc faucets are practically maintenance-free. They have two ceramic discs that move against each other in a shearing action, blocking water or allowing it to pass through. The seal between the two discs is watertight because they are polished to near-perfect flatness.

Matching Pop-up Drain
A matching pop-up drain will complete the new look of the bathroom.

Lever Handles
Lever handles make them easy to grip and turn for anyone, but are especially suited for those with disabilities. Lever handles are available in many decorative styles, making them perfect for the bathroom faucet.

Water-efficient Designs
WaterSense® faucets are built to use less water while matching the performance of less efficient models. According to, by installing a WaterSense® faucet an average household can save more than 500 gallons of water a year.

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Nasoni’s Da Vinci bathroom faucet not only utilizes the best materials for construction and finish, but also includes our patented fountain capability, offering more capability in a bathroom faucet than ever before.  

Today, for the first time ever, you can have a water fountain and a water faucet, all in one, in the perfect, elegant solution that is perfect for any environment. 

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All Nasoni products are made in our ISO 9001 certified factory. Each product features the finest raw materials and utilizes state-of-the-art technology to develop products that meet the highest standards.

Our faucets are made from solid brass construction and feature the finest ceramic disc valving to ensure a lifetime of exceptional performance. Our products are 100% tested and hand inspected prior to shipment.

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Nasoni Da Vinci Faucets come with a PVD finish offer easy maintenance. Follow these dos and don’ts to keep your Da Vinci Faucet looking great for years to come:

Simply wipe dry after use with a soft dry cloth to prevent water-spotting and mineral build-up.

Avoid all abrasive and aggressive chemicals (“SoftScrub”, etc.).

Avoid ammoniated products (window glass cleaner, tile cleaners, etc.).

Avoid bleach. Do not use abrasive cleaning pads.

Avoid all products designed to remove tarnish or rust, and contain hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, and/or phosphoric acid or caustic agents.

Do not allow water to collect at base of faucet.

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Enjoy pure and healthy water, with no more expensive bottled water.  

Nasoni's Fountain Faucet water filters are the best line of defense between the body and hundreds of known toxins your municipalities may not be eliminating.

Our premium undercounter water filters eliminate lead, chlorine and other contaminants, as well as odors and bad tastes, so you and your family enjoy pure, healthy, spring-fresh water from the tap. 

All Nasoni filters are tested and certified by NSF International to NSF 42 & 53 for reduction of chlorine (taste and oder) and the reduction of lead and cysts, and are made in the USA. 

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We are confident that you will find Nasoni products unsurpassed in quality and craftsmanship. Each piece is 100% designed to exacting qualifications in the US, manufactured in our ISO 9001 certified factory, and certified by IAPMO in Ontario, California.

In the unlikely event that you would need a spare or replacement part, please contact us at 800-577-1612

If you need help with installation, start with our Product Installation page. There, you'll find our installation manuals in multiple languages, as well as helpful step-by-step videos.  

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