If you've never been to Rome, you probably have not seen or heard of the nasoni street fountains of Rome. These fountains offer simplicity and elegance throughout the city while constantly flowing hydrating, cold drinking water straight from the Apennine mountains.

The first nasoni was introduced in 1874. Functioning as a traditional faucet, it also works as a classic water fountain. Simply plug the downspout water streams upward into a fountain arc for easy drinking.

Inspired by the Roman tradition of combing form and function, Nasoni created the Nasoni fountain faucet -the world's first. With just the flip of a lever, the traditional spout becomes a magnificent arc of pure, clean water, just like our namesake.

Redefining the Industry

Top angle view of Nasoni fountain faucet in use.  Every day, we are inconvenienced by a faucet not designed to meet our needs and have simply accepted it without question.  We solve that problem with our award-winning fountain faucets. Make life easier.
Our Vision
Today's bathroom faucets don't meet our needs. We solve that with fountain faucets designed to make life easier and save water without trying.

Better for you, better for the planet.
HAPPINESS GUARANTEE. To provide happiness, 100% of the time.
Our Guarantee
To provide happiness,
100% of the time.
Nasoni's Happiness Guarantee.  Our #1 priority here at Nasoni is your happiness. We stand by our faucets 100%, no matter what, no questions asked. After the first 30 days your faucet comes with a Limited lifetime Warranty
Man shaving beard with Nasoni faucet
of water annually by 2030 and make people’s lives easier in the process.