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Customer satisfaction with our award-winning bathroom fountain faucets and premium under sink water filters is the real measure of success and pride for the work we do at Nasoni. 
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Awesome product

Nasoni is awesome! Not only do I love the look and material of it, but the idea is great. This product helps my children tremendously

King of Faucets 💧

Installed the Black Nickel Nasoni faucet in my sons new bathroom remodel .. couldn’t be more pleased . He loves it !! Getting ready to remodel our guest bathroom, definitely will used another Nasoni Faucet !!!

Love our Nasoni faucet. Chic and stylish!

Nasoni faucet

We love our new Nasoni faucet. The finish is quite an upgrade from our basic water faucet. The nickel finish is classic and stylish in our bathroom. The new accent not only looks great it feels grand. I highly recommend this faucet!

Genius Faucet

Our Nasoni Faucet is finally installed and we just love it!
It’s a genius idea having a fountain in a faucet that provides filtered water.
The quality of Nasoni is outstanding.
It’s a Goldilocks faucet. It’s just right in every way. Solid and beautiful.

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Likes: The drinking fountain feature
Great faucet!

I saw this faucet in a magazine and was really intrigued by the drinking feature. I was looking to replace cups in the bathroom and splashing while washing my face. It was a great purchase! It looks and works great. It is made out of heavy brass, quality product. My plumber was impressed too and remarked that he felt it would last "a really long time". I recommend this faucet.

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Likes: I got it on SALE!!!

I received my DaVinci faucet early March.
We installed it ourselves. It was pretty straight-forward [enough], since we had the right tools.

Compared to the previous faucet (a pretty decent Moen), the DaVinci looked and felt much more sturdy, solid, and higher quality.
The previous faucet was completely "open" on the bottom; that is, you could flip it over and see in insides of the faucet.
The DaVinci did not have this opening. It was completely sealed. The DaVinci was "virtually* a solid piece of metal (not literally, but once you see it, you'll understand).
The DaVinci didn't feel like it would break, nor did it seem like water would "get somewhere" either inside or underneath and cause unseen mildew or something.

Actual Use:
After a good month or so of use, I've found that while the fountain feature didn't "totally" transform my regimen/habits into the new age *chuckle*, it did make the usual tooth brushing more hygienic and "proper". *holding wine glass with pinky raised....sip*
I did get the 'chance' to rinse my eyes, which was indeed quicker and cleaner than using my hands.
I also noticed that I didn't have to turn the faucet handle a full 90-degrees in order to get adequate water pressure. I could get enough pressure from what seemed like a mere 25-degree twist of the handle. Considering that the max gpm on this thing is about 1.2, I figure I'm saving some water here as well.

I got the Satin Nickel finish.
It looks really good. It has a subtle gold hue to it, which I like.
The size of the faucet is ...well, it has this elegant 'bulk' to it. It's not small, but not HUGE. Size-wise, it's the "Mercedes E-Class"...versus a small C-Class or the big S-Class.
You'll definitely be inspired to upgrade other fixtures and such in the bathroom once this thing shows up on the sink.

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Likes: The overall quality and function of the faucet.
Most Useful Faucet Ever

Thirty years ago we installed a bathroom faucet whose stream of water arced outwards so that one could also drink from it. Two years ago It began to fail and no repair parts were available. We searched everywhere but could not find any replacement faucet that also doubled as a fountain, until one day, PBS's This Old House demonstrated the Nasoni Da Vinci. It was exactly what we had been searching for so we bought the Da Vinci and it has exceeded our expectations. The quality was evident just by looking at the box and opening it up. This is not a big box store mass-produced piece - it was obvious that much care and thought had gone into its design and construction. The fountain itself is the most solid piece of plumbing hardware we have ever seen. The two control valves and fountain lever operate smoothly and solidly. The fountain strength is easily controlled and the whole device is water efficient. One of us got something in one eye and the fountain served as a gentle eye wash. We love this fountain/faucet and look forward to using it for many years to come. All faucets should be this functional!

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Likes: The artistically crafted and well made product!
Stunning Piece Of Ingenuity!

Love love love this beautiful faucet!
Not installed yet but will follow up
with its functionality!

Practical and pretty

We installed our Nasoni a month ago and love it. My son loves the “water fountain” function! It is great when we get thirsty in the middle of the night and don’t want to go to the kitchen, great for dental hygiene. The sleek design looks fantastic in our bathroom too. Easy to install and great quality. We are very satisfied!

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Likes: The Quality, Function , Beauty and Outstanding Customer Service!

8 inch Widespread Fountain Faucet Satin Nickel

Greatest Faucet of all time!

Literally, the greatest faucet ever created. Ordered one for my son’s bathroom so we could throw away his germ infested water cup. Not only did it help improve the hygiene factor but he uses the fountain to shave and wash his face. Eliminates the 8 gallons of water splash everywhere (he is a teenager) that used to occur when he washed his face. Works perfectly and at full pressure, still keeps the fountain in the confines of the sink. It is really a game changer; it fact, I just ordered three more!

Amazing Faucet

There are so many different aspects of the Nasoni faucet to love.

First, I love the story of the inspiration coming from the fountains in Italy. As an avid traveler, it’s nice to feel like I have a little bit of Rome in my home.

Second, I love the look of the Nasoni. Unlike my old faucet that often looked grungy even after I cleaned it, this faucet looks as new as the day I got it—and it’s super easy to keep clean.

Third, water conservation is important so it’s nice to be able to better regulate the flow, especially when using it as a drinking fountain.

The fountain feature is great for drinking, but it’s also great when I need to rinse my eyes. It makes drinking aa lot easier.

I only wish I had heard about the Nasoni sooner. By the way, don’t bother testing it. Go ahead and buy one for every bathroom. Then, get one or two more for the people you know who are difficult when it comes to finding the right gift. They will be glad you did.

Water filter

I’m so excited to install this! My daughters and I recently built our own home. Steve Waddell caught our story and wanted to help.
He sent us this beautiful faucet. It came quickly, the finish is absolutely beautiful and craftsmanship is superb. It’s honestly more than a faucet. It’s a piece of art.

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Likes: Conservation and it’s such an absolutely beautiful piece!

I’m so excited to install this! My daughters and I recently built our own home. Steve Waddell caught our story and wanted to help.
He sent us this beautiful faucet. It came quickly, the finish is absolutely beautiful and craftsmanship is superb. It’s honestly more than a faucet. It’s a piece of art. It’s not made cheap either. It’s a very nice piece that I will take pride in putting in my home and know will last for a very long time. Also what I like about it is the fact that it so unique. I’ve never seen anything like it and it will be a great conversation piece for our home. When we built our home the idea was to limit the size of our carbon footprint. We believe that the world was created by God and we are the ambassadors sent to maintain and protect it. Being wasteful is something we want to prevent and we aim to be better stewards of our world. Sleek lines make this very classy but what reflects the quality of this piece the most is the motive. Steve explained to me that the purpose of this sink is to conserve water. It’s my favorite feature and something that I will tell others about. Also, it’s hard to find companies who are a personal. Steve Waddell and the Nasoni company are top notch. Thank you so much for this beautiful piece and God Bless! Love the concept and craftsmanship!

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Likes: It will improve our health
Water filter

I just received this water filter in the mail today! Shipping took no time at all. I am so excited to put this filter into use into my new tiny house! Making sure the water we use to nourish our bodies is filtered is so important, whether it is for to quench a thirst in the middle of the night or to brush our teeth before going to bed. Being in nursing school has really opened my eyes to how essential it is to maintain our health and by changing the little things in our daily lives, such as filtering our water. I cannot wait to use the filtered water out of our new house!

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Likes: The protective box it ships in!
Nasoni faucet

Just received this amazing faucet in the mail today, the shipping didn’t take long at all! The faucet comes in a box that will ensure safety during shipping, unboxing this faucet was quick and easy! The faucet looks amazing, with zero damage! Instructions are included in three different languages, along with a cloth for cleaning the faucet! I cannot wait to install this into my home, and see all the wonderful uses I will get out of this innovative design!

Great quality faucet

Been a plumber since middle 60’s. Been amazed about the way faucets have changed over the years in the way they are built. Finally found a faucet built with the old school quality I’ve been missing. The finish is great and the weight of the faucet really surprised me The handles and diverter work perfectly to give you a perfect water-saving stream fir your needs. So happy to finally to finally find old school quality in a faucet. Way to go Nasoni

Great water filter!

I got this filter to use with my Nasoni fountain faucet so that we could have filtered water for the fountain in our bathroom. We LOVE having filtered water in our bathroom so that we can conveniently get a drink without leaving our bedroom. I worried about the effect that the flow rate through the filter might have on the fountain, but it doesn't seem to slow the flow at all and the water tastes much better. This is a great filter and I just got a second one to use in my kitchen because I like it so much, and I'm even using it to filter my water for brewing beer which has really improved the quality! Highly recommended!

Beautiful idea & beautiful faucet

My family and I have been using our Nasoni fountain faucet for several months now and we all love it. We generally leave it in "fountain mode" because the flow is just right for how we use it. One thing that I didn't anticipate was how it has sharpened my awareness of saving water in other areas such as the shower and kitchen. We think is is a brilliant invention!

Good and pure

As a senior, hydration, oral care and pure water are very important to me. Discovering Nasoni has be a breakthrough . Their products and filters provide a wonderful solution for my health, wellness and enjoyment. The water conservation aspects are also important to me and every time I use my filter and faucet combination I feel like I'm being a good steward of our precious resource.

Piece of Mind

With four kids, worrying about their health is top priority! Having this filter in addition to the faucet gives me the piece of mind that the water they brush their teeth with and, drink from daily has been purified and is clean from all the additives! Thanks Nasoni once again for making my life easier!

Very satisfied

I am very happy with this purchase. It works just as in the videos. My kids love it. It feels very sturdy, which is great because it will stand up to my kids playing with it. I guess time will tell.
I am not a professional installer, but I installed it myself. I purchased two for the master bedroom and had a little difficulty with the installation of the pop up drain assemply. I wouldn't mind seeing an option for a drain assembly without the lever to close the valve since filling up the sink is a feature I never use.

Best faucet I've ever had!!!!

I was interested by the unique function of the faucet. I thought it was well designed and was cool, but I had no idea how much my wife and I would love it. It is so convenient and natural I can't believe this is not the way we do faucets already. Washing our face, taking a quick sip with medicine and brushing is just better. My kids walk downstairs now just to use our sink and the installation was not difficult at all. The video and the diagrams made it very doable for someone who is not super handy. I will be installing these faucets in the 2 other bathrooms I have next! Highly recommend.

It's like a whole new bathroom!

We LOVE our Nasoni faucet! Adding this faucet makes it feel like we have a whole new bathroom! I love the fountain feature for brushing and shaving, and my wife uses it to rinse her face after removing makeup. After using one, you'll never want to use a "normal" faucet again!