Da Vinci

Centerset Fountain Faucet Satin Nickel

Color/Finish: Satin Nickel

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Nasoni's Satin Nickel Centerset Fountain Faucet is made to last. Crafted from premium materials that stand the test of time, this faucet is mounted on a single base and made for basins with three holes.

Customer Reviews

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NPS score:
Likes: The drinking fountain feature
Great faucet!

I saw this faucet in a magazine and was really intrigued by the drinking feature. I was looking to replace cups in the bathroom and splashing while washing my face. It was a great purchase! It looks and works great. It is made out of heavy brass, quality product. My plumber was impressed too and remarked that he felt it would last "a really long time". I recommend this faucet.

NPS score:
Likes: I got it on SALE!!!

I received my DaVinci faucet early March.
We installed it ourselves. It was pretty straight-forward [enough], since we had the right tools.

Compared to the previous faucet (a pretty decent Moen), the DaVinci looked and felt much more sturdy, solid, and higher quality.
The previous faucet was completely "open" on the bottom; that is, you could flip it over and see in insides of the faucet.
The DaVinci did not have this opening. It was completely sealed. The DaVinci was "virtually* a solid piece of metal (not literally, but once you see it, you'll understand).
The DaVinci didn't feel like it would break, nor did it seem like water would "get somewhere" either inside or underneath and cause unseen mildew or something.

Actual Use:
After a good month or so of use, I've found that while the fountain feature didn't "totally" transform my regimen/habits into the new age *chuckle*, it did make the usual tooth brushing more hygienic and "proper". *holding wine glass with pinky raised....sip*
I did get the 'chance' to rinse my eyes, which was indeed quicker and cleaner than using my hands.
I also noticed that I didn't have to turn the faucet handle a full 90-degrees in order to get adequate water pressure. I could get enough pressure from what seemed like a mere 25-degree twist of the handle. Considering that the max gpm on this thing is about 1.2, I figure I'm saving some water here as well.

I got the Satin Nickel finish.
It looks really good. It has a subtle gold hue to it, which I like.
The size of the faucet is ...well, it has this elegant 'bulk' to it. It's not small, but not HUGE. Size-wise, it's the "Mercedes E-Class"...versus a small C-Class or the big S-Class.
You'll definitely be inspired to upgrade other fixtures and such in the bathroom once this thing shows up on the sink.

Sara Gaudet
Practical and pretty

We installed our Nasoni a month ago and love it. My son loves the “water fountain” function! It is great when we get thirsty in the middle of the night and don’t want to go to the kitchen, great for dental hygiene. The sleek design looks fantastic in our bathroom too. Easy to install and great quality. We are very satisfied!

Gil M.
Greatest Faucet of all time!

Literally, the greatest faucet ever created. Ordered one for my son’s bathroom so we could throw away his germ infested water cup. Not only did it help improve the hygiene factor but he uses the fountain to shave and wash his face. Eliminates the 8 gallons of water splash everywhere (he is a teenager) that used to occur when he washed his face. Works perfectly and at full pressure, still keeps the fountain in the confines of the sink. It is really a game changer; it fact, I just ordered three more!

Rob Sullivan
Amazing Faucet

There are so many different aspects of the Nasoni faucet to love.

First, I love the story of the inspiration coming from the fountains in Italy. As an avid traveler, it’s nice to feel like I have a little bit of Rome in my home.

Second, I love the look of the Nasoni. Unlike my old faucet that often looked grungy even after I cleaned it, this faucet looks as new as the day I got it—and it’s super easy to keep clean.

Third, water conservation is important so it’s nice to be able to better regulate the flow, especially when using it as a drinking fountain.

The fountain feature is great for drinking, but it’s also great when I need to rinse my eyes. It makes drinking aa lot easier.

I only wish I had heard about the Nasoni sooner. By the way, don’t bother testing it. Go ahead and buy one for every bathroom. Then, get one or two more for the people you know who are difficult when it comes to finding the right gift. They will be glad you did.

Product Details


  • Dynamic Fountain Flow Technology

    Saves water with no splashing

  • Premium Lead-Free Brass Construction

    Enables durable, reliable performance

  • PVD Finish

    Resists spots and does not corrode, discolor, or tarnish

  • Pop-Up Drain Included

    Installs in less time and includes a lift rod

  • Ceramic Disc Valves

    Super smooth, maintenance-free performance

  • Max Flow Rate | Max Fountain Flow Rate

    1.2 gpm / 4.5L/min | .26gpm / .98L/min


  • IAPMO Green

  • National Green Building Standard

  • Natural Resources Canada R-2000

  • Green Building Assessment Protocol for Commercial Buildings

  • LEED


Certification Badges


  • For three-hole basin installation

  • Screw on pop-up drain installation

  • Visit Product Installation to Download PDF Instructions

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