Group photo of Nasoni Centerset Fountain Faucets on Black Background

Digital Trends: A Faucet with a Trick Up Its Spout

Nasoni's fountain faucet creates less water waste, while at the same time making it much easier to perform tasks such as brushing your teeth—with less mess on the countertop. It also means more space on the top or in the cabinet as you’ll no longer need to keep a glass nearby.


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Young man drinking water from Nasoni faucet

New Atlas: Da Vinci Doubles as a Drinking Fountain

Although some people may take a more "civilized" approach, it's likely that most of us drink water by putting our mouths right up to the faucet. The Da Vinci faucet was designed to make doing so more hygienic and less wasteful, as it incorporates a drinking fountain. Read more here.
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WISH TV featuring Nasoni Fountain Faucet

WISH TV Features Nasoni Fountain Faucets

Nasoni's award-winning fountain faucets were featured on Indy Style's WISH-TV in Indianapolis by Gadget Gram's David Novak.  

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Nasoni Centerset Fountain Faucet on Black Background

Nasoni Wins the Good Design Award

Nasoni's Da Vinci Fountain Faucet won the Good Design Award for its revolutionary innovation.Crafted from premium-grade solid brass, each model provides a level of durability that will stand the test of time.
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