Polished Chrome Nasoni Widespread Faucet with fountain in use

Green Builder: Da Vinci Featured Among 50 Hot Faucets & Fixtures

When used in fountain mode, Da Vinci uses 88 percent less water than existing faucets. The potential water saving in the U.S. could be as high as 136 billion gallons annually just from toothbrushing alone, which is the equivalent of over 9 million backyard swimming pools.

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Older woman drinking water from Nasoni faucet

Fine Homebuilding Features Nasoni Faucets

Fine Homebuilding features Nasoni's bathroom Fountain Faucet as an easier way to access water for common bathroom routines such as washing your face, taking pills, or shaving

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Nasoni's Fountain Faucet Is a Dr. Gadget Must-have - NASONI

Nasoni's Fountain Faucet Is a Dr. Gadget Must-have

Nasoni's fountain faucet is Dr. Gadget Must-haves for the home giveaway.

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Two young children brushing teeth with Nasoni faucet

Conserve Water and Reduce Bathroom Germs with Nasoni's Fountain Faucets

Water is as much a part of our daily routine as eating and getting out of bed. We use water endlessly without thinking about it. But many people don't have the same access to it. What if there was a small change you could make to your bathroom so you could conserve more water without thinking about it.

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