Hot Trends In Bathroom Design We Expect In 2022

You’re ready to reimagine your bathroom—the problem is, you aren’t sure what that vision looks like just yet. Searching for some inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together the latest trends in bathroom interior designs, from sink fixtures to floor styles.

Whether you’re remodeling the master bathroom or a small ensuite, these trends can truly transform your restroom. Let’s dive right in:

Fountain Faucet

Each time you bend over the sink to get a drink of water, you feel a pinch in your neck. Whether you want to rinse your mouth, relieve a parched throat, or take a sip to swallow a pill, bending over the sink gets harder as you get older.

With the Nasoni 8” widespread fountain faucet, you can quench your thirst in comfort. Its innovative design makes it painless to use the sink. This fixture is also an excellent way to upgrade the aesthetic of your bathroom; consider the glossy black nickel finish to make an eye-catching statement.

Nasoni Bathroom Fountain Faucet 

Wood Floors

If there’s one thing you know about designing a bathroom, it’s that you should avoid using wood. Wood is susceptible to damage, both from water and high humidity levels.

But as more water-resistant wood products hit the market, more homeowners are choosing to add wood floors to their bathrooms, creating a natural, rustic look. Another part of its charm is how well it pairs with other materials. Stone, marble, and glass all look excellent with wood. Mixing textures gives a room more dimension.

If you still aren’t sold on the concept of hardwoods in a bathroom, you can use wood panels on the walls instead. You can even choose tiles that simulate the appearance of wood instead.

Bathroom Wood Floor 

Water Filter

Do you notice that, when you drink unfiltered tap water, it has a distinct metallic taste? You aren’t imagining it. The tap water in your bathroom may contain lead, chlorine, and other contaminants that affect the water’s taste/smell.

But when you venture to the bathroom for a late-night sip, you don’t want to worry about what might be in it. Want to know how to test water quality in your home? You may need to purchase a testing kit or contact a plumber. Here’s an easier solution: purchase a water filter. But not the kind you store in your fridge—you need one that attaches directly to the tap. 

The Nasoni premium bathroom water filter ensures that your tap water is safe and refreshing. It won’t alter the appearance of your faucet, either; most people won’t even know it’s there.

 Nasoni bathroom water filter

Smart Lighting

These lights go a step beyond the traditional dimmer. They offer the convenience of being able to adjust the lights from your phone. If you’re lounging in the tub and decide that you want to turn the lights lower, you simply need to load up the app and adjust the settings.

You can even select the color and intensity of the light. Choose a deep orange to relax and unwind, or a cool light blue to help you wake up in the morning. If you tend to use the bathroom at the same time every day (like when you’re showering in the morning or getting ready for bed), you can schedule the lights to turn on and off accordingly.

Bathroom Smart Lighting 

Fewer Bathtubs, More Showers

The idea of taking a nice, long soak in the tub is tantalizing. But who has the time for it these days? Lately, we’re seeing a push to get rid of that tub—not only is it rarely used, but it takes up a majority of the floor space. Instead, showers are taking their place. With the extra room, you might choose to install two showerheads instead of one.

We’re also seeing the rise of wet rooms, where everything is out in the open. From the floor to the ceiling, the bathroom is completely water-proofed. Moving from the shower, to the sink, to the toilet, can be a barrier-free experience.

Bathroom Shower 

Open Concept

In the past, bathrooms have been designed almost like a hidden feature in the home. They’re tucked away, blocked by walls, and lacking any windows. Lately, we’ve seen a shift toward a more open bathroom.

If you’re thinking about changing the position of your toilet, bathtub, or shower, you might be wondering what to know about your home’s sewer line. It’s important to work with a licensed, experienced plumber for these jobs. If the wrong pipes are installed, you might notice unpleasant smells rising from the sewer line below.

The focus in 2022 is eliminating clutter. Bathrooms are somewhat notorious for being disorganized. This might be why we’re seeing more open, spacious concepts, with minimalistic storage solutions (like live edge shelves and floating vanities).

Open Bathroom 

More Color & Texture

Gone are the days of plain white bathrooms. Now, we’re seeing anything but white. It’s all about stone tubs, accent walls with patterned paper, and bright towels or curtains.

Wallpaper accents are becoming more popular. These days, you can purchase temporary wallpaper that’s relatively easy to remove. So, if you get tired of one design, it won’t be too much trouble to switch it out.

Bathroom Color and Texture 

These emerging bathroom design trends are sure to stick around in 2022. When you’re drafting blueprints for your bathroom remodel, keep these design choices in mind. Soon enough, you’ll be standing in the bathroom of your dreams.

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