11 Easy Ways To Teach Your Kids To Save Water

When we talk about conserving water, we need to start at home with our children. It is no surprise that sustainability is not a concept that comes naturally to these little humans. This is why we must instill a sense of responsibility in them for saving water right from the beginning. 

Now, who said teaching them this lifelong lesson has to be boring? You can involve the entire family and incorporate fun ways and water conservation activities to make them understand the importance of conserving water for our generations to come.

So, how to conserve water? What are some ways to save water for kids?

Let's hold hands and promise to lay the pillar of knowledge and make our children aware of the different ways they can save water. So, without further ado, let's get started with the top 11 water conservation methods

  1. Start With Awareness

The first step is to educate your children about the importance of water conservation, and the various purposes water is used for.

The best way to make them understand is by being creative, tell stories, show videos, and play water saving games so that you can connect with them on their mental level. Why not make up a story and tell them about how you knew about the importance of water conservation. Nothing can grab their focus more than a personal experience.

  1.  Take Quick Showers/ Baths

We all are guilty of wasting too much water while in the shower, and it's no surprise that children do it too. Explain to them the difference between switching from a long shower to using a bucket and mug for a bath can save tons of water. 

Lead with an example and switch your own bath ritual so the children can learn from you. Using a mug and bucket for a bath, you can save up on the consistent flow of water from the showerhead.

  1. Wash Fruits & Veggies in a Bowl of Water

How to save water in your daily life? It is pretty easy!

Eating lots of fruits and veggies is great for your children's health, but you must also teach your kids to use a container or bowl filled with water to wash fruits and veggies instead of washing them under running water.

  1. Set Goals

This is one of the best ways to conserve water for kids. Children love a fun challenge, and when coupled with a treat, they will go to great extents to actually emerge victorious.

Make your kids aware of the monthly water consumption in your household and set goals to reduce it. Appreciate and encourage your children to conserve as much water as possible and promise to treat them once they do. Try to lower the overall family consumption of water and keep setting goals for your kids to achieve.

  1. Show Them How Every Little Thing Helps

One of the best ways to conserve water is to let your children experience how even a small and straightforward effort in the right direction makes a difference.

What better way to demonstrate water saving concept than with an example. Keep a bucket in your backyard and ask your children to fill it with a glass of water every day. Then by the end of the week, tell your children to water the plants in your backyard using the water that is filled up in the bucket. Not only will this activity save water, but it will also help them to understand how every little thing counts.

Another way to teach them is by discouraging the use of water toys. Children love playing with water during the summer; however, a large amount is wasted by filling up swimming pools and water guns. An excellent way to conserve water is by limiting your children's water activities to once or twice a month and supervising how much water they are playing with. This will save unnecessary water from getting wasted and will also instill water-saving habits in your children. 

  1. Repair Leaking Faucets

One common way more water than you can imagine gets wasted is through leaking or broken faucets. Ask your children to keep an eye out for any leaking faucets they may come across either in the bathroom or kitchen. If the faucet doesn't close properly, tell them to inform you right away so you can get it repaired and prevent water from wasting.

  1. Teach Them the Importance Of Trees

In school, kids are taught the importance of trees and how they are crucial for bringing rain. Allow them to get a hands-on experience of planting saplings and watching them grow. This will instill the importance of growing trees and why they are crucial for rain.

  1. Don't Waste Drinking Water.

Children, including adults, have a habit of filling more water than they intend to drink in their cup or glass. Children especially are used to filling their glass to the top, consuming only half the water and draining the rest in the sink.

 As parents, you need to train them only to fill the amount they intend on drinking. If they happen to have leftover water in the glass, tell them to collect it in a jug and later water the plants.

  1. Use Leftover Water For Watering Grass.

Another fun activity you can do with your kids is to tell them to keep collecting leftover water from discarded water bottles and excess water in glasses. Once they have enough, ask them to water the bushes and grass with it rather than turning your sprinklers on.

This water conservation activity will ensure a deep understanding in your children as to why they need to conserve water rather than wasting it.

  1. Make Use of Rainwater

Teach your children the importance of rainwater and how they can use it for different tasks. Tell the kids to put a bucket outside once it starts raining and then use the collected water for various washing and cleaning purposes. This water can be used for washing your car or for watering indoor plants. 

  1. Closing the Faucet

Another common practice that leads to unnecessary water wastage is leaving the faucet open when brushing your teeth, washing your hands, or your face.

Tell your children that they need to close the tap when they are busy scrubbing soapy hands or brushing their teeth. This will prevent excess water from running down the drain and getting wasted. Also, remind them to double-check the tap for any leakage or drips. Loosely closed faucets may waste a large amount of water when left unnoticed.

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How to Save Water for Kids: Final Words

So, now you know how to save water. Children need to be taught the importance of water and why it needs to be conserved. Instilling essential water-saving qualities in our kids when they are young will ensure they stick to it for years to come.

Kids love to brush with bathroom fountain faucets

Who said water conservation for kids has to be boring? Put your creative parent's mind to the test and develop fun and innovative ways to make your children aware of the issue at hand. When all of us join hands for the common good, we are bound to make a difference.

 Save Water Save Life!

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