Perfecting The Art Of Shaving With A Nasoni Bathroom Fountain Faucet

Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and think to yourself, ‘today is the day I will give myself the perfect shave (that you've been trying to achieve for a gazillion days).' However, deep inside, you seriously doubt your shaving skills and expertise. 

Whether you’ve been unsuccessfully trying to get the task done since you were a teen, or you simply got fed up with looking like a caveman, it’s never too late to learn the subtle art of shaving. If you still feel it’s a task too challenging for the common man to master, rest assured, it is not. 

How about we unravel all the tips and tricks to master the art of shaving and to kickstart your journey of achieving an envious shave? 

Sort Out The Basics

Before you get all pumped up, pick up your trusted razor and start shaving, there are a few fundamentals you need to sort out first. First of all, you need to understand that every one of you has a different pattern and thickness of facial hair that largely depend upon your genetics.

Secondly, if you are new to this game, it may take your skin some time to get the hang of this process. However, when you are equipped with the necessary knowledge and handy tips, your shave will be nothing less than perfection.

Let's look at the essential know-how for getting that oh-so-perfect shave:

1 - The Best Shaving Cream

Start by finding the shaving cream of your dreams. How exactly do I do this, you may ask?

The answer is super easy; all you have to do is choose one according to your skin type. Remember that the best shaving creams contain several moisturizing ingredients and lubricants.

The ideal shaving cream should give you a creamy and rich lather without too much foam. Another bonus of using a good quality shaving cream is that it increases the lifespan of your beloved razors.

2 - Keep A Check On Your Razor

No gentleman ever got the perfect shave with a dull razor. This is why it's best to regularly check on your razor. When your razor's edges become dull, or it doesn't shave as well as it did before, it's time you change your beloved buddy. Ideally, you should replace your old razor after using it 10 to 20 times on average.

Let’s look at a quick tip that will ensure your razor lasts you longer. We all know how expensive disposable razors can be, so to make them last longer, run them up and down lengthwise on your jeans. Remember to run them in the opposite direction of how you normally shave. This technique helps keep your blades nice and sharp for longer periods and will help with a close shave.

Razor - the art of shaving

3 - Set Up Your Shaving Throne

No one can master the art of a perfectly shaved beard without having the right tools by their side. Now, what tools are they?

For starters, a shaving brush may seem like the most useless thing in the world; however that is so not the case. It shines out like quite the star as it makes your facial hair rise, forms lather, and also exfoliates along the way, ensuring you get the perfect shave.

The subtle art of shaving requires some must-haves that you should have by your side include:

  • A good pair of scissors or clippers
  • Trimmer
  • Aftershave lotion
  • Shaving cream
  • Beard oil
  • Beard wax

Its pre trim time:Before you embark on your shaving expedition, it is always a good idea to check the length of your facial hair first. 

If it is long, use clippers or scissors to trim it. Longer hair will keep collecting in the razor and may cause it to dull before its time. So the best way to go about this is to trim your facial hair as short as you can before you apply your shaving cream. 

Wet that hair: Remember, wet hair is always easier to cut and will allow you to get the perfect shave you crave for. Ideally, you should take a nice hot shower beforehand; if that isn't possible, you can always splash some warm water on your face to prep your man beard for a shave.

Heat is an excellent source for the pores on your face to open up. Barbers use a warm towel method for this specific purpose, and you should too. Simply put a towel dipped in hot water on your face to allow the hair to soften and the pores to open up. Shaving a dry and cold face isn't something that anyone would enjoy.

Let The Shaving Begin

Yes, it's about time you knew how to shave right. If you are using a shaving brush, remember to apply your trusted shaving cream at the tip of the bristles. Then by using circular motions, apply the cream all over the parts of your face you want to shave.

If you aren't a big fan of shaving brushes, you can go all-in with your hands. Use your fingers to massage the cream onto the area you want to shave while maintaining an upward and circular motion.

What To Remember When Shaving

To get the perfect shave, you obviously need to polish your shaving technique. Lucky for you, we will spill the beans on how to achieve just that.

Before you start shaving, make sure you are aware of the ‘grain’ of your hair. Grain what? For those who don’t know, the ‘grain’ is also referred to as the direction in which your facial hair is growing. You limit the chance of getting razor bumps, cuts and irritation simply by shaving with the grain.

Just remember: 

  • When shaving your face, start with the sides as it's the most hassle-free part. Once you have that settled, you can proceed to your mustache area and draw the curtains at your chin.
  • Keep your strokes short and light.
  • Don't press too hard, as it may cause razor bumps. 
  • Long strokes can build up shaving cream and hair in your razor blade leading to an unpleasant shaving experience.

Have you mastered the art of shaving? Not quite yet!

Morning shave 

Protect Your Newly Shaven Face

Now that you have gotten yourself a shave that will be every man’s envy, you must know that you aren’t done yet. You need to take certain steps to protect your smooth and hair-free face from irritation and possible infection. 

Why so? As you shave your face, the topmost layer of dead skin also gets removed, leaving your skin super vulnerable to clogged pores and bacteria attacks. To avoid this from happening to your shaven skin, you can take the following precautionary measures: 

  • Use warm water to rinse your face and remove any leftover shaving cream.
  • Use a facial wash with antiseptic properties for cleansing your face.
  • You can finish by using a moisturizing aftershave, preferably one that contains aloe. A good tip is to apply it on damp skin to lock in as much moisture as possible.

Quick Tips For The Perfect Shave

Now that you are one step closer to mastering the art of shaving, let us enlighten you with some quick shaving tips that will ensure you a successful shaving quest. 

  • Always remember that exfoliation is your best friend. You can use the most sought after exfoliating products like scrubs and loofahs before you shave. Doing so will help to keep the load off from our razor blade.
  • Many men (including women who shave) are of the view that soap and water make the perfect shaving lubricant. Boy, are they wrong! In reality, this may actually lead to flaky and dry skin after it dries up. This is why it is best to use a gel or foam shaving cream to increase the gliding efficiency of your razor
  • Make sunscreen your best go-to buddy. Shaving makes the skin super sensitive, and lounging around under the sun right after a nice shave may not be the best decision on your part. Remember to apply a good sunscreen before heading out.
  • Remember to regularly replace your razors. There’s no point in holding onto it for eternity.
  • Say no to dry shaving. Not only will it yield horrible results, but it will be painful too.

Enhance Your Shaving Experience With A Nasoni Fountain Faucet

Rinsing shaving cream with a Nasoni bathroom fountain faucet

They say, 'No Matter How Well You Shave Today, You'll Have To Do it Again Tomorrow.' so why not make this experience worthwhile by investing in a top of the line and high-quality Nasoni fountain faucet. Engineered using the latest technology to bring you luxury, class, and comfort, the Nasoni fountain faucets are a must-have in every bathroom remodel project.

Its sleek design offers you maximum comfort as you get the perfect water temperature by merely turning on both handles. You can wash away your shaving stress as the perfect, warm, and gentle stream of water caresses your face. No need to splash water here and there, as the fountain faucet will eliminate the need to use a rinsing cup or your hands to splash water on your face.

Give your washroom an ultimate level of class and luxury by adding a Nasoni bathroom fountain faucet. Do you know the best part? It’s "Better for you, better for the planet."  

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