Nasoni Fountain Faucet: Most Awarded Bathroom Faucet Ever

Do you wish to add the perfect luxurious touch to your bathroom without trying? If your answer is a big fat yes, we have the ideal solution to help you achieve a royal bathroom you always craved for. Our award-winning Nasoni fountain faucet’s patented and top-class design delivers a gentle and soft arc of warm, clean water that effortlessly reaches your face.

With so many bathroom faucets available in the market, why should you choose a Nasoni fountain faucet? Read on to learn why Nasoni's fountain faucets are the truly future of faucets.   

The Evolution of the Faucet

Before we dive into the remarkable qualities that Nasoni Faucets hold, let’s first look at the events that took place leading to the faucets we have today. As said by the great Leonardo Da Vinci himself, ‘water is the driver of Nature.” There’s no doubt that it indeed has been the driving force of invention; otherwise, our ancestors wouldn't be able to comprehend the clean water technology that we are gifted with today.

Talking about the evolution of faucets, it all started back in 1700 BC when our Roman ancestors used faucets in their bathhouses. Some of these faucets were crafted with gold, whereas others were made using silver and lead. Since the fixtures weren't used for washing hands, the next significant change came when they were made with brass instead of lead.

The next big bang came when Ignaz Semmelweis, a physician, figured out how implementing a strict hand-washing policy could stop the spread of an infectious disease. Then in the 20th century, the idea of having a separate room for washing purposes started getting popular. Then, at the start of 1920, having separate bathrooms in every residential house became necessary with its own bathroom faucet.

Next thing we know, one thing led to another and ultimately led to the invention of Nasoni fountain faucets, making lives easier and eco-friendly. It's truly the future of faucets.

The Future of Faucets - Nasoni

Nasoni is the future of faucets; don't believe it? Let us give you the rundown of what makes these fountain faucets a must-have in every bathroom:

What Are Nasoni Fountain Faucets?

The Nasoni Fountain Faucet is the elegant combination of a water fountain and bathroom faucet.  It's an environment-friendly sink fixture that comes with the promise of enhancing your health and washing experience. It's not just a bathroom faucet; coupled with the latest fountain technology, these top-of-the-line bathroom fixtures are made using only the best materials. Their dynamic fountain feature allows a perfect stream of pure water to flawlessly reach your face.

Nasoni bathroom fountain faucet's dynamic fountain feature allows a perfect stream of pure water to flawlessly reach your face.

What’s the best part? These innovative bathroom faucets allow you to get all your washing, rinsing, and cleaning done while conserving as much as 88% more water over conventional bathroom faucets.

Whether you are washing your hands, rinsing your face, or merely looking for a drink of water, Nasoni’s environment-friendly faucets will enhance your experience to the fullest.

Why Nasoni?

Nasoni fountain faucets are not just made for increasing your home's aesthetic appeal; they also serve the purpose of convenience. One aspect to notice is the innovative design and user-friendly function solely made to improve any household’s quality of life.

This thoughtfully designed bathroom fixture allows all household members to enjoy their daily life activities with full independence. It addresses two fundamental aspects, hygiene and convenience. Let's see how:

  • Hygiene

Nasoni's Fountain Faucet removes the risk of ingesting airborne bathroom germs by presenting a self-cleaning solution—simply turn the faucet on and rinse it all away to enjoy clean drinking water without those nasty airborne germs that land on all the surfaces of the bathroom, including that glass that sits on the counter and never gets washed. And with an optional Nasoni under sink water filter, you and your family can be safe and enjoy clean water for drinking, rinsing after brushing your teeth, using it as an eyewash, and washing your face.

  • Convenience

It's not just your hands that need to be regularly washed; your face and mouth are not far behind. Don’t you hate continuously reaching out for your rinsing cup or glass whenever you brush your teeth? Or do you despise splashing massive amounts of water on your face (and countertop!) while rinsing off face wash, shaving cream, or any other facial wash?
This is precisely where our fountain faucet comes in, delivering a gentle stream of warm, clean water to your mouth, face, and neck without wasting water.


Benefits Of Using Nasoni Fountain Faucets

Let’s take a look at some of the fantastic benefits that Nasoni’s fountain faucets boast:

  • Inexpensive Remodeling

We all know how expensive a bathroom remodeling project can be. Merely installing a Nasoni’s award-winning fountain faucet will give your bathroom a regal and new look with its beautiful design and superior-quality material. With a simple faucet replacement, your bathroom will feel like a complete remodel!
  • Simplify daily life

Let’s face it, we all hate splashing water around here and there when washing our face or neck. Moreover, reaching out for a cup to rinse your mouth every time you brush your teeth is a big hassle. Nasoni’s fountain feature offers you a gentle fountain of water that lets you get all your rinsing and washing jobs done with ease.
  • Conserve water

We all should be conscious of the products that we are using to ensure that we contribute as positively as we can to the environment. Keeping this responsibility in mind, Nasoni’s fountain faucets have been engineered to allow you to get your work done while conserving as much water as possible.


Where traditional bathroom faucets use 2.2 gpm, Nasoni fountains use only a 10th of that. With each Nasoni fountain faucet sold, we aim to save a BILLION gallons of water annually by 2030. 

Nasoni Fountain Faucets Are The Most Awarded Bathroom Faucet Ever Made

If you are still having a hard time deciding whether Nasoni fountain faucets are the best, take a look at the numerous awards that this innovative bathroom fixture has won. Not only are Nasoni’s fountain faucets loved by the public, but they have also made it to the news.

Here are some of the awards that Nasoni fountain faucets have won:

Architecture MasterPrize, Product Winner 2020


202 Architecture MasterPrize Product Winner


Nasoni’s innovative faucets encompass the charm of a water fountain along with a classy sink fixture. Crafted using only the best premium grade solid brass, every model is durable and will last you a lifetime. It’s coated with an ultra-special PVD coating that saves it from corrosion and tarnishes.

With the option of choosing satin nickel or gloss black nickel finishes, and a mirror quality polished chrome; you will have a hard time settling on one. All these splendid qualities led these luxury bathroom faucets to win this prestigious award.

2020 LuxLife Health Beauty & Wellness Awards: Most Wellness-Conscious Bathroom Product 


	2020 LuxLife Health Beauty & Wellness Awards: Most Wellness-Conscious Bathroom Product 2020


Nasoni fountain faucets have also been awarded the most wellness-conscious bathroom product award. That's no surprise as these top-of-the-line faucets focus on providing water without compromising on your washing experience.

2019 Good Design Award, Chicago Athenaeum


Nasoni receives the 2019 Good Design Award, Chicago Athenaeum


The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and Metropolitan Arts Press Ltd is famous for awarding the museum’s good design awards. These are given to the most innovative and cutting-edge designs and products all over the globe. There is no surprise that Nasoni’s top-notch fountains were also presented with this prestigious award in 2019.

2018 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), People’s Choice Award


Nasoni's fountain faucet wins 2018 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), People’s Choice Award


These awards are given to the most innovative, newest, and surprising products from the Kitchen and Bath industry. They presented Nasoni with their people’s choice award for being stylish, convenient, and environment friendly.

2020 Finalist: World Changing Ideas, Consumer Products


Nasoni's fountain faucet is a 2020 Finalist: World Changing Ideas, Consumer Products


We all look for products for our homes and offices that will increase our standards of living. This is precisely what these awards are about; they provide both businesses and consumers with a platform to connect. Nasoni is proud of making it to the list of their finalists.

2020 Honorable Mention: World Changing Ideas, Health and Wellness


Nasoni's fountain faucet is a 2020 Honoree: World Changing Ideas, Consumer Products


These awards are all about highlighting projects and products that positively impact the environment and improve our personal wellbeing. They range from devices to apps to treatments. Our Fountain Faucet is lucky enough to be a part of their honorable mentions in 2020.

2018 Winner, My Cool Inventions


Nasoni's fountain faucet is a 2018 Winner, My Cool Inventions


Everyone loves cool inventions, and why shouldn't they? Nasoni has also won the 2018 ‘My Cool Inventions’ award. Owing to its innovative design and sleek body, it definitely is a cool invention.

2020 LuxLife Global Excellence Awards: Most Wellness-Conscious Bathroom Product


	2020 LuxLife Global Excellence Awards: Most Wellness-Conscious Bathroom Product


Ranging from distributing luxury vehicles, fine art, or jewelry, the Global excellence awards only honor the finest with their prestigious awards. You need to make a distinctive mark in your chosen field, whether local or global, to get your hands on one of these awards. Nasoni is proud to have won this award in 2020. 

2020 Spark Awards Finalist


Nasoni is a finalist for the Spark Design Award

The Spark Design Awards are an exciting competition created to promote great design and its talented designers. Spark believes design is a critical tool to accelerate human progress, and the award criteria are modern and compelling. Nasoni is proud to be a finalist in the new benchmark for design awards.

2020 Better Business Bureau Awards Nasoni their Torch Award for Ethics


Nasoni Wins 2020 Torch Award for Ethics from BBB


And this last award is not actually a product award, but a company award. Nasoni was awarded the 2020 Torch Award for Ethics! 

Why care about this? The Torch Awards for Ethics is the most prestigious honor BBB can present to a business. Being a recipient indicates Nasoni not only believes in the high standards of honesty, integrity and transparency promoted by BBB, but also consistently acts on them and continuously integrates them into our daily practices. You can trust Nasoni.

Final Words

Are you looking to give your bathroom a remodel, or are you building the house of your dreams from scratch? No matter the case, make sure you install Nasoni bathroom fountain faucets to enhance your standard of living while improving your bathroom’s aesthetics. If you're looking for the best quality bathroom faucet that fulfills your grooming needs while conserving water, Nasoni is the answer to your dreams, and the future of faucets.

Choose Nasoni products and improve your quality of life.

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