8 Brilliant Master Bathroom Ideas That Look Magical (Create Your Dream Bathroom!)

When it comes down to putting together a bathroom of your dreams, the aesthetics and the practicality of the space should complement each other. Nothing looks worse than an unappealing decor that outweighs the soothing effect of a warm bubble bath. Why not put all your bathroom remodeling nightmares at bay and give your space the attention and luxury it deserves?

From a cozy and warm fire in the center of the floor to innovative bathroom fixtures to an inviting and snuggly bathroom in your attic, we have put together eight wonderful master bathroom ideas that will bring the perfect amount of magic that your bathroom needs.

So, without wasting any more time, let's look at the unique ways you can revamp your bathroom like never before:


  1. Fireplace

Fireplaces can Make a Master Bathroom Magical

Having a fireplace in your bathroom can be a relaxing retreat, offering the ultimate refuge from everyday stress. Installing a fireplace in bathroom may feel like an idea out of your wildest dreams; however, it will give you a heavenly experience while adding to your bathroom's aesthetics. You can pull off an ideal spa oasis within the comfort of your beloved home.

For the ultimate luxury experience, place your fireplace as close to the tub as possible. The warmth from the fire, the subtle crackling sound of the burning wood, and the gentle yellow glow are the perfect de-stressing recipe.

There are several ways you can incorporate the ideal 'fiery' look, with the most breathtaking being a fire right in the middle of the bathroom floor. Look at how the warm fiery glow compliments the overall crisp white theme of this luxury master bathroom's interior.

It truly represents what we always say, ‘nothing can go wrong when you decide to go all white' with your style of decor.

  1. Attic Master Bathrooms

Creative Builders Can Make an Attic an Interesting Bathroom Space 

If you like to live in a fantasy world, then you can take inspiration from your top-favorite novel and set up a cozy bathroom in your attic. Sounds dreamy right? An inviting bathroom that sits huddled next to your bungalow's sloped window and roof will be one space that you won't be able to have enough of. Although an attic bathroom will have limited space, it can encompass luxury, class, and grace all in one. Many attic spaces have odd shapes, but if planned correctly, they can add character to the overall design that you wouldn’t normally find.

There are several ways you can set up the bathroom of your dreams while keeping your preferences in mind. If the space is tiny, stick to contemporary, nordic, or a minimalistic style, which will keep the area uncluttered. Use the same approach for your color theme; for example, lighter shades will make your bathroom appear more spacious. Remember to focus on the lighting aspect; a window or skylights will make the bathroom a relaxing retreat.

See how stunning the freestanding white tub looks with the sunlight falling on it through the sloped window? By looking at this attic bathroom inspiration, everyone will want to have this soothing retreat in their homes.

  1. Fun Lighting

Lighting, Especially Backlighting, Can Create a Magical Bathroom Feel

When it comes to bathroom renovations, many people tend to ignore the crucial role that lighting plays. However, with time we can see many homeowners focusing on this aspect and incorporating unique and fun ways while playing with the lighting in their bathroom space. Let's look at how you can enhance your bathroom's aesthetics while emphasizing space's lighting.

  • Opt for dimmer switches in the bathroom to adjust the light according to your mood. For a relaxing and soothing bath, switch the lights to a minimum and unwind from the daily grind.
  • Why not add recessed lighting on your bathroom's shelves? Not only will they add to the overall ambiance, but it can also appear as lit up candles (without even burning a single one).
  • To add a funky element to your bathroom space, add LED lights on various walls.

See how the concealed lighting in this bathroom inspiration gives an overall look a magical appeal? It serves as an aesthetically pleasing focal point you can't move your eyes away from.

  1. Get Creative With The Fireplace

Getting Creative With the Fireplace Can Take Your Master Bathroom To the Next Level

We all know how a fireplace adds to the beauty and luxury; however, getting creative with it takes the overall appeal to the next level.

For instance, look at how placing crystal-like blue rocks within the fireplace perfectly balances out the bathroom's white and gray color theme. With its striking white color, the freestanding bathtub is the focal point of attention and gives this design the perfect depth.

Let's look at some more ideas that are bound to grab everyone's attention: 

  • You can place a chic stainless-steel fireplace right at the level of your tub to soak in the view without moving or bending your neck. Remember to leave enough room between the tub and the fireplace to walk in-between.
  • For the ultimate experience, add a remote control to your fireplace so you can switch it on or off without getting out of your bath.
  1. Purple It Up

Purple Can Transform A Master Bath Into a Magical Experience

No other color grabs your attention quite like purple; with its majestic presence and captivating hue, it lights up any space it adorns. This might be due to how rare it is to come across purple hues in the mesmerizing views of Mother Nature. There are very few colors that add life to any interior, and we are glad to tell you that purple tops the list.

We can see how cleverly incorporating a light purple hue in the background wall creates the perfect mysterious aura that captivates everyone's senses. The wall's creative shapes add a tinge of sleekness that complements this modern bathroom inspiration's overall funky theme.

The best way to add some purple in your master bathroom is by lights. However, you can also opt for purple planters and accent walls.

  1. Luxury Bathroom Lighting

Using Lighting to Create a Magical Master Bathroom 

You cannot experience true luxury until you step out of your comfort zone. For a true out-of-this-world feel, take inspiration from this bathroom design that will blow everyone's mind. Just imagine relaxing in the freestanding tub placed along the full-length windows with an enthralling view of the lake. Almost mesmerizing, isn’t it?

Wondering what a floating fireplace looks like? Search no more and witness the sleek look this stunning fireplace piece is giving to this modern bathroom design. Last but not least, see how incorporating innovative lighting ideas adds life to the overall ambiance.

Skip the chandeliers and regular light fixtures, explore your options, and get creative with the lighting; you won't be sorry. And neither will your guests, if they’re lucky enough to be invited to see it.

  1. Chic Bathroom - Black Is the Opposite of Boring

Black Master Bathrooms Can Be Magical

We all have been in crystal white bathrooms now and then. We agree white is exceptional; however, several other colors add a perfect touch of luxury to any bathroom space.

How about giving black a chance? Without a doubt, a black bathroom is a head-on dive into a perfect blend of mystery and elegance. Susan Ferrier is a prominent interior designer of the McAlpine House who has designed several bathrooms with black as the central theme. She states that "Everybody likes a crisp white, spa-like bathroom, but not every bathroom has to be a spa. Black bathrooms are so dramatic, which means you're emotionally moved. You don't have that drama in an all-white bathroom."

A black bathroom is much more than splashing black color on the walls; you must carefully think over the theme and what supporting colors to use. This black bathroom inspiration looks breathtaking, with hints of white and brown carefully incorporated into the bathroom's theme. 

  1. Bright Bathroom with Captivating Views

Bright Master Bathrooms With Stunning Views Are Magical

Who doesn't love soaking in a breathtaking view while cozying up in a warm bubble bath? Nothing feels more magical than a spacious master bathroom that offers comfort coupled with stunning views of the outside world. Whether you are looking at the city skyline, distant mountain peaks, or crystal blue waters, these majestic views are bound to leave you inspired.

See how this glorious modern master bathroom space offers luxury, comfort, and the perfect view while soaking up a warm relaxing bath? 

  1. Experience True Luxury with a Nasoni Fountain Faucet

Bathroom faucets function as jewelry for your bathroom; you can enhance the look of your bathroom with innovative designs such as Nasoni bathroom fountain faucets.

Bathroom faucets function as jewelry for your bathroom; you can enhance the look of your bathroom with innovative designs such as Nasoni bathroom fountain faucets.

Install a Nasoni fountain Faucet and instill a luxurious element to your bathroom's interior. Built using the best materials and boasting a smooth and flawless uninterrupted flow, these sleek fountain faucets are bound to add luxury and class to any bathroom they are installed in. Not only that, the eco-friendly faucet conserves 88% more water than the regular bathroom faucets.

See how effortlessly the sleek and modern design gels with any theme and color, delivering a genuinely magical experience? After all, how many of us can boast that our faucets have a built-in water fountain?

Master Bathroom Ideas

Giving your master bathroom a revamp should be a fun and exciting experience that you thoroughly enjoy. By incorporating the ideas mentioned above along with a Nasoni fountain faucet, you are bound to end up with the bathroom of your dreams.

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Olivia Robert

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